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Line deploy own blockchain

Today, 2018.08.31 Japan time. Line Corporation press released about their blockchain economy network that name is LINK. The line is the biggest chat tool in Japan. most Japanese who are using a smartphone. they are using Line. it is a really similar tool with What’s up and WeChat.

Japanese article is here(日本語版はこちら

LINE blockchain

This is a dedicated Line ecosystem and they will deploy dApps into their network. They named LINK platform. They are also showing their roadmap in white paper and they have a plan to release dApps in September. and Development kit release on Nov. This is building step of their blockchain echo system.


LTP stands for Line Tech Plus that is blockchain company in Line group. LPT administrate LINK token and blockchain operation. A user can get LINK along with their contribution through DAPPS. A user can exchange his LINK through cryptocurrency exchange.

The upper figure is for the global Press release. Japan press release they also showed below for Japan internal. The difference with the global ecosystem is Japan user cannot use the exchange. Japanese use can change token to LINE POINTS only. This is a limitation of Japan regulation for the cryptocurrency.

token detail

Total amount issued: 1 billion

 User rewards 800 million
LINE Tech Plus reserves 200 million

No ICO planned.

They have no information about blockchain technology detail.

dApps use case

They are showing an example of dApps in Whitepaper.

Contents, Commerce, Social, Gaming, and exchange.

   1) Content: Payment for music, videos, and webtoons
2)Commerce: Payment for products/services, discount benefits, and payback
3) Social: In-app payment systems and wire transfers between individuals
4) Gaming: In-game trading and character improvements
5) Exchange: Payment of commissions, fee discounts and cryptocurrency trading at BITBOX

This is a typical mobile platform appreciation and we have no surprise. just 5th item is the unique usage of cryptocurrency. and this is the really similar usage of exchange tokens like BNB and HT.


In September, they have a plan to release 2 dApps. and 2019 1Q 10 or more dApps release planned.



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